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Personal Brands are not what you do. They go beyond title or resume to reveal something more human, perhaps more valuable about who you are. Personal brands can reveal your creativity, your energy, your caring, your thinking. To that end, I create what I call “moving” portraits. Stories that are personal, powerful. Who needs them? In this connected, linked-in world…who doesn't? They are what sets us apart as individuals or collectively as an organization.

- Steve Sanger, Creative Director

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Organizational Brands aren’t just the products or services you provide but a path to connect with customers. They alert customers why you matter and motivate them to join you. To that end, through careful inquiry and listening, I create what I call “core” messages. These are the few simple phrases and/or images that communicate why your brand is worthwile. In a world crowded with messages, they provide a clear map to consistent and powerful brand expression.

- Steve Sanger


Branding Campaign

Collexion.com, a California startup, is putting the whole collectible world in one place for you to discover. SangerBrands created their brand name, URL, core messages and positioning line “Find what you love, Love what you find”. All of it, successfully trademarked.

Bears for Humanity

Branding Campaign

Bears for Humanity, a San Francisco startup, is changing the world one bear at a time. SangerBrands provided crucial brand consultation in the early stages assessing the competitive landscape and helping the company power its brand with the right core messaging.

Patten Yachts

Branding Campaign

The Patten 22 is a stunning new boat handcrafted just a few miles from our office. SangerBrands created an equally stunning brand name, brand mark, website and core messaging to help launch the company into thly highly competitive Northeast yacht market.


Branding and Video Campaign

After creating this new brand for VXi Corp, SangerBrands created a brand expression strategy and a video to launch VoxStar at CES in Las Vegas. To meet a challenging deadline and the onset of winter in the Northeast, we shot the video in Miami and completed the edit in just 5 days including the animated graphics!

NH Rebellion

Branding Campaign

NH Rebellion is a home grown bi-partisan movement to rid our nation of a corrupt campaign finance system that allows a privileged few to buy elections. SangerBrands believes in their cause and provides pro bono branding, helping to craft a very powerful message.

Marlborough Savings

TV Campaign

Marlborough Savings Bank is one of the oldest banks in New England, consistently providing customers with outstanding service. SangerBrands wrote, cast, filmed and edited an energized TV campaign to reach entrepreneurs and a younger demographic with a fresh new brand.

City Year

Print Campaign

Our print campaign helped City Year focus its brand on their young idealistic corps and the inspirational work they do in Manchester, New Hampshire and in cities all across the country. Our work helped City Year raise funds, raise awareness about its worthy mission and recruit the best and the brightest from America’ high schools and colleges. Non-profits need to be just as diligent about their brands as any major consumer brand.

Avidia Bank

TV, Print, Mobile Campaigns

Several Massachusetts banks merged to create a newly branded regional bank. This campaign introduces the new brand by placing its brandmark in well known landmarks throughout its newly expanded territory. The campaign leaves no doubt that the bank remains embedded in the communities it serves and gave viewers a reason to look for the new brand in their home towns.

Lindt Chocolate

Branded Recipe Book

Sangerbrands created a gorgeous branded recipe book that entices consumers to explore Lindt’s entire product line. With exclusive easy-to-use recipes, Lindt Chocolate Passion helps consumers become more successful home entertainers and cooks and places the Lindt brand directly into kitchens and pantries. It’s elegant look and feel makes it coffee-table-worthy. And yes, it’s delicious with coffee.


Commercial Campaign

The Scott’s “neighbor to neighbor” campaign reestablished one of America’s strongest “do-it-yourself” brands. SangerBrands conducted a nationwide search for loyal Scotts customers who swear by their products and who compete for the best lawns in the neighborhood. When the authentic testimony of these three neighbors aired on the World Series, national Fall sales of Turfbuilder tracked significantly higher. We helped this authentic American brand rediscover its roots.

Wachovia Bank

Commercial Campaign

There is nothing is as powerful as the truth about a brand and no one has ever made a more impassioned case for a brand. This is the true story of a North Carolina farmer that knows the value of a brand. That brand is Wachovia Bank.


Online Campaign

An online community that provides a diverse group of teens and young adults a chance to meet and weigh-in-on the culture of alcohol and how it influences their social lives, their thinking, their health and their work. Features include: Drinkstory Confidential a blog where registered participants can write stories and others can comment, Drinkstory TV a youtube channel that aggregates funny and informative videos about drinking from around the world, Booze In the News an aggregate of breaking alcohol related news and the Fizz Quiz that tests contestants knowledge of drinking behaviors among youth.

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